Our production

The production facility in Berlin is crucial for our company as it encompasses both prototype construction and production capabilities. A key highlight of our facility is its exceptional vertical integration. Not only are the final products assembled here, but all sub-components of the electric machine are internally produced, ensuring outstanding quality and control throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Our production consists of various essential areas. The prototype shop allows us to develop prototypes and bring new ideas to life. Once prototypes are approved, mass production starts, utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and equipment. We are proud of our in-house production of stators, rotors, gearbox assemblies, and overall assembly, all under one roof. This ensures seamless collaboration between different production stages and optimal quality assurance.

Another crucial aspect is our cleanroom facility, specifically designed for electronic assembly. Here, sensitive electronic components can be assembled under the strictest requirements, guaranteeing flawless functionality of the end products.

Our manufacturing processes are monitored through an advanced Manufacturing Execution System (MES). This system enables real-time monitoring of all processes, allowing us to work efficiently while ensuring that all products meet our high-quality standards.

Additionally, our production facility benefits from independent material sourcing. Our procurement team ensures that all necessary materials are procured in sufficient quantities and on time, ensuring a smooth manufacturing process.

In the prototype shop, we build limited quantities tailored to specific customer needs, including specialized samples like thermo and telemetry samples. The facility also features a dedicated lab for process development and testing, ensuring precise and customized solutions for our clients.

In our eAx production facility, alongside conventional assembly lines, we have integrated the advanced manufacturing of rotors and stators, a key component of our production process. One of our standout features is the implementation of a specialized stator hairpin line that empowers us to achieve unparalleled power density in our products.

Due to our adjustable tool concept, we can swiftly adapt our production to accommodate different product specifications. This flexibility enables us to respond promptly to evolving market demands and swiftly implement design modifications. As a result, we can introduce new products or adjust existing ones efficiently, meeting the individual needs of our customers.

In both prototype shop and our assembly lines, we are equipped with advanced testing facilities. We have a motor test bench testing with Pi-test procedures, along with additional options such as NVH (Noise & Vibration) and HV (High Voltage) testing. Our End of line testing station enables us to also test complete drive units with integrated gearbox as well.

Furthermore, we utilize specialized function testers designed specifically for 3-phase stators. These comprehensive testing capabilities ensure that our products meet rigorous quality standards, ensuring reliability and performance excellence.

Facts & Benefits

  • Capacity: 15.000 pcs/ year
  • Lead time for speed sample 1 month
  • Real time automotive manufacturing execution system
  • Flexible equipment configuration for multiple electrical drive units
  • Production processes developed for mass production
  • Electronic production in accordance withEN ISO 14644
Elisabeth Jahns
Director Operations

Our Director of Operations

The key to a successful production ramp up consists in the close collaboration of all involved disciplines during the development phases. Quality and efficiency are not solely forged within the production facility but are intricately shaped during the meticulous planning, development, and process preparation of the product.